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Contacting your Legislator

Letter Writing Suggestions:

  • Keep your letter to one page.
  • Get your organization's board chairperson to sign the letter.
  • Thank officials for this year's Legislative support and for your grant.
  • Use specific information to describe your project and how it affects the community.
  • Describe whom the program/project will serve, emphasize its public benefits (e.g., promoting education, access for underserved communities, economic impact).
  • Use this sample letter to help get you started

Suggestions To Get Legislators Involved:

  • Meet with your legislators in the district to talk to them personally about the importance of funding cultural activities.
  • Give your legislators posters from your organization or arrange to set up revolving exhibits in their offices.
  • Invite legislators to performances, openings, classes and publicly recognize them at the events, giving them an opportunity to speak.
  • Add legislators to your mailing lists for events, media announcements and newsletters.
  • Follow-up with any offers you make to meet, send invitations, provide further information, etc. Legislators should be treated like corporate supporters.
  • For more information on meeting with elected officials to advocate for increased cultural funding, visit the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts website.